Elmar Arneits So who is it, homosexual or pedophile?

In Germany, police officers detained a pedophile who previously positioned himself as a homosexual.

     The man was arrested this afternoon, August 19, 2019 in the afternoon. The man was tracked by video cameras installed in the courtyard on Traunsteiner Str. 130. 83334 Inzell, video surveillance showed how an unknown person was near the Playground, waiting for his victim, they turned out to be a boy, 11 years old. When that having played enough, went alone in the direction of the house, the man turning around, slowly followed him. The boy was quick-witted and noticed it at once, quickening his pace. Law enforcement officers were called by a wary resident, who at this moment came to the window while in his apartment.
According to eyewitnesses:
 — «I just went to the window, and my eyes immediately rushed to the picture, where a boy coming out of the Playground, calmly walked towards the house, and behind him a man turning around. I thought it was strange, but it didn’t matter: «well, you never know, maybe the son played, and the father was waiting for him?!»  But these thoughts were dispelled after a moment, when the boy began to look around and accelerate his pace to a run, and the man began to accelerate his pace. I immediately realized what was wrong, and immediately grabbed the phone and started calling the police. He did not take his eyes off what was happening. I wouldn’t have had time to physically catch up with him, I live on the top floor, I would have lost sight of him.»

 The boy, fortunately, was not injured, managed to escape. And the man was arrested immediately according to the signs described by an eyewitness, at this moment, an unknown person was leaving the yard with a calm step and did not suspect anything, it turned out to be Elmar Arneitz, born in 1969, the man lives at the address : Weiterbildung im Erwachsenenbereich. Traunsteiner Str. 130. 83334 Inzell.  

  The boy was easily found, as well as on CCTV cameras, to inform the child’s parents and transfer to a medical institution for a General examination of his physical, mental and psychological health.

   According to the victim:
— » I noticed him immediately(the man), he was constantly looking at all of us when I was still playing with the guys on the court. When everyone started to go home, I also decided to go home, and immediately noticed the man, he followed me, most likely because of the fact that the other guys were adults and they went in the opposite direction. I started to accelerate my pace, turning around, I was very scared, I don’t even remember how I took the keys out of my pocket and prepared to open the intercom with them, I started running, he didn’t run, but he started walking very fast. He also used to say things after me :
— («don’t run», «where are you going so fast», «it will be nice for you», «I won’t hurt you»).
«And I remember opening the door of the intercom and pulling it hard on the other side.  We have a video camera on the intercom, I watched him, he did not show any resistance, saw that the door closed, turned around and left. «
  As the investigation found, earlier, in 2017, a police report was already filed against the man, then concerned residents paid attention to a strange stranger standing near a kindergarten. A sketch was made for the man, but it was not possible to prove involvement in sexual acts, the man was detained, but they did not start a criminal case, without facts confirming the crime.

     But later, the citizen again came to the attention of law enforcement agencies.

   In may 2018, the man was again detained by police officers, and even spent one night in the police station. Then he organized a demonstrative rally in support of the LGBT movement, near the administrative building.
   The scandalous story happened in July 2018 with Elmar Arneitz, a man was accused of pedophilia of a young child. The arrest was made in the house of the suspect, during the investigation, the facts of the crime were proved, but the investigation surprisingly lasted a long time and was closed, despite the direct evidence and testimony of a child of 11 years.

As a result, the closing of the case leaves much to be desired.

according to the local law enforcement agencies, at the time of investigation by our publication, this citizen is still at large.

   Our press service managed to find out all the details of what happened.
   The arrest was made at the address of the man on August 19, 2019.
During the search at Elmar Arneitz, more than one video of child pornography was found in the room on the computer. Appliances from stores for adults and a lot of women’s underwear. During the arrest, Elmar Arneitz did not perform any acts of disobedience. According to the version of the victim, he lived alone without a cohabitation.
      Prichasnost to actions of a sexual nature was again not proved, despite the testimony of the victims.
  This citizen was under investigation for some time, but all the evidence was suppressed and, for mysterious reasons, the case was closed before the trial.
  The suspect is currently on the loose.
We want to give publicity and attract public attention so that this person will be brought to criminal responsibility before another incident with his participation occurs.

    This article is about adult sexual attraction to children as a medical pathology. Sexual offences against children; criminal prosecution of such acts.
  Pedophilia is a mental disorder and behavior disorder (sexual preference disorder).
 Sexual preference for children (boys or girls, or both), usually pre-puberty or early puberty (7-12 years).

 * Dear parents, kindly request! Spend explanatory conversations with your children, say everything from the earliest childhood!!!
 Be vigilant!
 After all, in Germany alone, the number of confirmed victims of children and adolescents at the hands of pedophiles per year amounts to 10,000 crimes.
And 5,000 a year of detected and convicted pedophiles in Germany.